An Energy positive huge Komatsu dumper truck

OK, of course everybody wants to make everything electrical for the he(a)ck of it.
But this project is even better than “just” electrifying a diesel powered dumper truck.

This huge Komatsu HD605-7 dumper truck, used in (open) mining is being transformed for a diesel engine into an electric vehicle.
The battery pack alone is 4,5 tons (8x a tesla model x battery) and it will draw a peek level of 3.000 amps during the 13% steep hills of the Swiss alps where it will be working in a cement factory / mine.

The most interesting thing is that the truck will be energy positive, by recharging itself (and more) during the descent of that hill, but now loaded with tons of material.


Second day of Eindhoven Maker Faire

Also the second day was an absolute blast!
It was a truly fantastic weekend.

Getting interviewed by Studio-040

He looks so lost in the big city….

The incredible “By-your-command” robot from Freerk Wieringa

Again big crowds on the second day. Thanks everybody!

The beautiful machines of Ivo Schoofs

The craziest place to be at the faire this year: Power tool racing!

A lot of media attention @Eindhovenmakerfaire

The crazy car parade was cool.
Hopefully next year with more Mad Max style trucks!

SEE YOU NEXT YEAR AT THE Eindhoven Make Faire

Bonus: video from Studio-040


First day of Eindhoven Maker Faire 2017

The first day of Eindhoven Maker Faire was awesome!!
Here a small impression. More can be found on Maker Faire Facebook page

Robots are here

Behind the scenes with N-size train tracks

Build a rocket boys, build a rocket boys

The Show Boat / ferry!

Starting a pulse Jet engine

Mad Max truck in flaming up!

3 on the bench with Maxi Jazz watching over you at Strijp S Graffiti wall.

Great crowds at Eindhoven Maker Faire Today!


Tomorrow is the second day of Maker Faire, so hope to see you!!
(tickets online are cheaper!)


Makerfaire Eindhoven 2017!

BIGGER and bolder than ever before.
The Eindhoven Maker faire is back!







Buying online is the favorable way to get to the Maker Faire cheap!
Don’t forget the buy the Family ticket when visiting with your kids! (total €20)

Also see old Frisdenker articles on the Maker Faire subject! vorige Eindhoven Maker Faires! en hier.



They are here, the megabots!
during the big Makerfaire 2017 in New York (the big brother of Eindhovenmakerfaire) this behomet was shown for the first time: version 3.0

The USA team chalanced Japan.

the the Japanese respond:

and now the fight is ON!

Coming to you September 2017

After two years of breakthrough science and engineering, MegaBots and Suidobashi are finally ready to bring the world the battle of the century. The all-new MegaBots Mk. III robot is a fully combat capable 12-ton, 430-horsepower steel crushing beast. Strap in and get ready. Things are about to get absurdly epic.


The world’s Heaviest Weight.

I love video’s from Veritasium.
In this video we are introduced to the world’s heaviest (calibrated) weight.
How well calibrated? On a total weight of 1.000.000 pound, they guaranty a maximum variation of 5 pounds….
You can find this contraption at NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Also in this series a visit to the American Kilogram. As an European I find it funny that the American Pound starts off as a Kilogram 🙂

And while we are at it, I would like to also show you “the world roundest object”.
Fascinating stuff!

I bet you’re hooked on Veritasium too now!


snail v.s. TBM; fight!

When talking about Elon Musk, one has to admit the guy is a millipede with an untamable amount of energy.
(Tip; the twitter handle BoredElonMusk is a gem !)
His latest focal point are TBM’s, aka Tunnel Boring Machines.
The company is called: “The Boring Company” and as with almost every company he starts, there’s a competition!
This time it’s a race (km/h) between a snail (Gary) and a TBM (Godot).

Musk also gave a TED talk about the subject of tunneling (ofcourse from an USA perspective).

more info can be found here and here.