Yet another link latte!

1) T.I.M. travels arround in CERN.

More info can be found here.

2) T3 Timber Transit Technology

More info can be found here.

3) Mercedes digital headlights; what a cool technology!

More info can be found here.

4) Interesting development with nano crystalline structures.

More info can be found here

5) Salamanders on a treadmill? sure it’s sience!
In the name of functional ecology, this salamander hit’s the treadmill.


Link Latte; the next one

By now, you all know the drill.
Sit back and enjoy the mysterious, strange and beautiful world of the internets!

1) Incredible and beautiful steam punk art work by Serge Aleynikov!

2) Always wanted to know this…..
How do teeth grow

3) the art of 404 pages 🙂

and other examples HERE and HERE

4) stereotypical but funny; the undercover bar!

5) the largest waterfall in Russia… I did not know that.


Again robot (sport) supremacist!

I already know that soccer robots will rule the world in 10 / 15 years time, but apparently robots are already dominating the table Football world; awesome stuff man.

Now that we are on the subject, any other robotic sports?
YES, they also go head to head in Ping Pong

Or running along with Usain Bolt (but robots found out long ago that wheels are much better then complicated legs!)

And the recent (first) hole in one by a golf robot

In the past there was the talented gymnastic robot
Or the kind a like equestrian robot horses/dogs from Boston Dynamics
And not to forget the cool CGI? boxing robot 😉


latte 8; you know the drill, click away!

1) Beautiful animation festival winner:

2) close up of animal eyes. The Llama is beautiful
animal-eye-macro-suren-manvelyan-2For more images, click the slideshow

3) Last month the famous Glastonbury festival was held in the UK.
Glastonbury data usage per person: +/- 1.2 Mb/h
In other words: 175.000 visitors, 5 days long 1.2 Mb/h = 25 Tb of total data traffic!
They also had WiFi cows;
Funny thing is that temporary network hardware is called: C.O.W. or Cell on Wheels 🙂


more info after the link

Sisyphus pushing in lego

7) last month at Airport Eindhoven.


link latte nr. 7 the links continue…

1) I came across a very cool offshore solution that I want to share. The company, Ampelmann (of course NOT a German company, but a Dutch one 🙂 ) has a killer logo and specializes in offshore access solutions. In other words, how to get safely and easily from 1 ship to a windturbine or another ship at open sea. The video’s (here and here) are simply amazing and one can easily imagine how comfortable it is to use their technology.

2) Talking about spring/damping systems, here’s a cool animated GIF of a competition race car from the Baja 1000
I really love the way it just drops and doesn’t jump up again; nice and smooth.

Other “experiments” with suspensions can be found here and here.

3) On imgur you can find these “12 oddly satisfying Gifs for your pleasure“. The last one is my favorite.

4) I like it when somewhat complicated maters are explained swiftly and clearly; the rolling shutter camera effect.
f2zrdW1More explanation can be found here.

5) very cool video from AMZ Formula student team from Switserland. They broke the world record 0 – 100 km/h in 1.513 seconds!!