snail v.s. TBM; fight!

When talking about Elon Musk, one has to admit the guy is a millipede with an untamable amount of energy.
(Tip; the twitter handle BoredElonMusk is a gem !)
His latest focal point are TBM’s, aka Tunnel Boring Machines.
The company is called: “The Boring Company” and as with almost every company he starts, there’s a competition!
This time it’s a race (km/h) between a snail (Gary) and a TBM (Godot).

Musk also gave a TED talk about the subject of tunneling (ofcourse from an USA perspective).

more info can be found here and here.


various links again to trickle the mind

1) Beautiful short movie about going to the moon

2) Science fiction becomes reality (kinda…) with the tricoder xprize

Even the doctor was there!

3) The unknown abilities of Horseshoe crab

Very interesting story on popularmechanics about these ancient creatures.

4) He, what’s Steve Ballmer up to these days?
OK, USA facts; cool.

USAFacts was inspired by a conversation Steve Ballmer had with his wife. She wanted him to get more involved in philanthropic work. He thought it made sense to first find out what government does with the money it raises. Where does the money come from and where is it spent? Whom does it serve? And most importantly, what are the outcomes?

It is really nice to live in a country (USA) where all data is public.
But it is also nice to live in a country (NL) where privacy is still a thing…

5) New cool player for electrification of a normal bicycle!
The GeoOrbital Wheel


Link latte once again

I love darts (and now even more)!

also check out the other cool projects from this guy.
Like the largest Nerf gun 🙂

Rally Group B, the good old days

Very cool and informative documentary about the famous “group B” rally races in the 80’s.
I really enjoyed watching this.

Everything that happend in the past is history. Also the 200+ above ground nuclear test the USA did.
At Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory the film material is checked and scanned to preserve it for future Scientists.

Some of the material has been released to the public.
the link to the YouTube playlist can be found HERE.
It’s beautiful Physics and at the same time horrifyingly devastating.

Fast Food restaurants also need to innovate!
So welcome to the robots!

Misco Robots are specialized in it.


Yet another link latte!

1) T.I.M. travels arround in CERN.

More info can be found here.

2) T3 Timber Transit Technology

More info can be found here.

3) Mercedes digital headlights; what a cool technology!

More info can be found here.

4) Interesting development with nano crystalline structures.

More info can be found here

5) Salamanders on a treadmill? sure it’s sience!
In the name of functional ecology, this salamander hit’s the treadmill.


Link Latte; the next one

By now, you all know the drill.
Sit back and enjoy the mysterious, strange and beautiful world of the internets!

1) Incredible and beautiful steam punk art work by Serge Aleynikov!

2) Always wanted to know this…..
How do teeth grow

3) the art of 404 pages 🙂

and other examples HERE and HERE

4) stereotypical but funny; the undercover bar!

5) the largest waterfall in Russia… I did not know that.